About Photographer:

Marco Romano Bhimani was born in South Pasadena (1978); he was a kid that loved skateboarding and ice cream. His mother abandoned him at age nine and he had little communication with his father. Until the age of eighteen, he grew up in a multitude of group homes, halfway houses and respites. He was defiant; running away often, he found a home in the street. Venturing into the unknown, cutting class, stealing disposable cameras to capture what he saw. As a young man, jobless, these cameras were easily accessible. Marco was drawn to trash and filth, alley-ways full of graffiti, a lack of police presence in neighborhoods over-run with drugs and gangs. He dabbled with digital imaging for a brief instant. He then became very passionate about photography and knew digital was not for him. Knowing this, he wanted to teach himself traditional photo making because he needed to preserve his art in the purest form. Marco is a high-school graduate and a self taught photographer. His projects include My Los Angeles and The Green Wall Series, amongst many other bodies of work and collections. He is producing a documentary called “FILM over FOOD” encompassing his life and struggles.

Entry description: "Tubby" was shot in one of the many houses that Charlie Chaplin owned. Nestled in the MacArthur Park community of Los Angeles, this frame was executed without conceptual approach. Equipped with an old film camera, a light meter and a large art model, Marco made Tubby in August of 2007.