About Photographer:

Akos Czigany has been exhibiting his photographs since 2007. Portfolio: http://photo.spavia.com/ Art photography blog: http://exponto.spavia.com/ Gallery representation: Nessim Gallery, Budapest.

Entry description: The first thing ever created was the sky. Earth came second. Instead of these, a new sky and a new earth are predicted, and a new city, descending from the sky. – We look up from our city, old and new, built on the earth. From empty spaces enclosed by houses up to the empty sky. Voids meet, times and lights. – „Skies” series listens to the vertical dialogue between man’s two homes, city and sky, in the language of photography. It establishes a visual and spiritual dialogue, with respect, with „Theaters” (1975—2001) by Hiroshi Sugimoto, a peak of photographic art.