About Photographer:

Monia Lippi was born in Italy. From her formal education in architecture, she arrived to photography and video through experiences in Italy, Paris and New York. Since 2005, she’s lived in Brooklyn exploring a new series of photographic projects, taking the city as a wealth of inspiration. Natural or urban environments and architecture are her main projects. Humans play a more prominent role in this series of “Floating Winona” in The Latsch Island Boathouse on Mississippi River, Winona, Minnesota, USA, focused in the interaction of landscapes, Vernacular – Floating - Architectures and the Island’s Inhabitants. Monia shoots on film, using a 6x9 medium format camera. She prints all her work as limited edition C-Print. "AT 36000 FEET" is another her ongoing Aerial Project of the American Southwest desert landscapes. Lately she developed different work also in Vietnam, like "White Skin" and "Chau Doc Stilts" series.

Entry description: “Floating Winona” is a project about The Latsch Island Boathouse Community on The Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota, focused on the interaction of Landscape, Vernacular – Floating – Architecture and the Island Inhabitants.
There are people who live in particular places, strange, difficult and apparently unlikely and unobserved, adopting creative solutions for local conditions and elements.
The Latsch Island boathouse community is one of these places and the people of this green island live in floating houses, called “Boathouse.”
I tried visually to capture specific moments of this unique reality and life-style that is an example of American Freedom and Dream.