About Photographer:

A self-taught photographer and film-maker, I have always strived to celebrate both the moving and the still image in my visual expressions. My film-making activities have included four short films (and some commissioned films) made for Filmaka.com. My photography has featured in promotional material for the Swiss Arts Council's India office. Since 2010, I have won over 30 honors at the International Photography Awards (IPA), the Prix de la Photographie Paris Awards (PX3) and the Photography Masters Cup. www.nyaybhushan.com

Entry description: India now has its own Comic Con, celebrating comic book culture complete with fanboys and fangirls in costume competitions. But its not just Hollywood imports that are omnipresent. A new breed of talent is unleashing a variety of homegrown characters, powering toon culture into the future. Move over Superman, here comes Superkudi ("Kudi" being the North Indian Punjabi word for girl). The buxom Superkudi served as the Comic Con mascot and easily bedazzled Superman. But when I spotted a worker cleaning the shiny stall for The Avengers, I wondered, can the magic of toons take him to the future too?