About Photographer:

My name is Olivier Du Tré and I was born and raised, 35 years ago in Ghent, Belgium. After graduating with a Graphic Arts degree in ’98, I picked up a camera, fell in love with photography and found my real passion. Between 2002 and 2009, my wife and I made numerous trips to Canada. We always traveled to Western Canada because we love the mountains. In 2004, we decided to take the next big step and immigrate to Canada. In 2009, with permanent residency in hand, we arrived in this beautiful country we now call home. We now own a home in Cochrane, a little town about 30 minutes west of Calgary. Those same Rocky Mountains in view. It was liberating for me to be in the mountains and close to nature. I was now finally able to pursue my life long dream of photographing what I loved most, scenic mountain landscapes.

Entry description: Alberta, the land of big skies, and the wonderful light the weather brings with it.