About Photographer:

Iku Kageyama was born in Tokyo, Japan. She started working as a professional photographer in 2003 and she changed her photo professionalism from Tokyo to New York & Paris in 2007. Her father is also a professional photographer, and he encouraged her to pursue photography. Her mother was a fashion designer, so she has been surrounded by art her whole life. She has focused on art activities since 2007, and she curated a group exhibition in Paris 2009. As a commercial photographer, she works for advertisements, editorials and CD covers. She also works as an art director and photo editor for advertisements and editorials. She affiliates with Galerie ElizabethCouturier.

Entry description: This series focuses on people who came to France for reasons, and restarted new lives in France.
The photographs shows what is important , how they feel, and what they want to express.
They sometimes or often feel homesick. But I'm sure they are very serious for their lives.