About Photographer:

Ali IHTIYAR, Canadian photographer and film maker born and based in Turkey He received a Master?s in Fine Arts, Film & TV Production from Marmara University (Istanbul). His experiences in photography have shaped Ali?s perspective in film, where slow camera movements with little dialogue reflect man?s isolation and alienation from his environment. He is currently engaged in several projects in Quebec and Turkey, and cites Theo Angelopoulos and Andrei Tarkovsky as two of his favorite influences.

Entry description: Since man’s earliest attempts to understand and give meaning to his existence, faith has been an inseparable part of life. Though the beliefs, gods, settings and rituals may change over the centuries, and continents, the desire remains the same: to be inspired by a supreme being which can explain the reasons for our existence, serve as a refuge during events we are unable to cope with, and from whom we can ask for assistance, peace, and healing.