Natural drinks made of peel

PhotographerYaroslav Danylchenko
Prize2nd Place in Advertising / Food
Entry Description

In a world filled with modern technology it is important to remember that our primary gifts remain nature and good health - and they are inextricably linked. In our new project we will unequivocally demonstrate the natural origin of our drinks. Each of them takes the shape of the vessel they fill without losing their essence. As we see in the nature, the peel or skin of a vegetable or fruit is just its covering, everything that is essential to it remains inside. By creating our glasses from peel, not only have we depicted the product that the drink is made from but also the fact that inside resides its most important and healthy element – vitamins. Idea/art-direction - Sergey Gavrilov Post-production - Andrey Cherlat Food style - Karina Baidan Photographer - Yaroslav Danylchenko