Blue rapsody

PhotographerSilvia Casilli
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMairano, Italy
Photo Date2010
Technical Infodigital photo
Entry Description

Leipzig, Germany 2010. Germinal forms floating in a blue space. Different levels of perception are superimposed. Either in painting or photography my aim is to make the invisible to emerge. The images have been obtained by moving the camera, working on long expositions and balancing the form and colour of elements entering the visual field of the camera.

About Photographer

I am essentially an abstract expressionist painter. I got a BA in Visual Fine Arts in 2007(LABA- Brescia Italy). Since than I took part to some collective and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. I am experimenting a personal approach to photography trying to obtain pictorial results. My approach is direct, excluding any kind of digital elaboration of the image. I use my camera as my brush and objects as my color tubes to paint in the air. My subjects attain to an ancestral spiritual level of perception.