PhotographerPaul Hutchinson
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBerlin, Germany
Photo DateJuly-Oktober 2010
Technical InfoCanon 40d
Entry Description

The photo essay ‘harlemlove‘ tries to analize the very ambiguous enviroment it is set in, Harlem, New York. Having spent three months living in this extrodinary neighborhood, I aimed to capture the stark contrasts of the form of everyday life that surrounded me. Going from prostitution, drug abuse, violence and poverty to solidarity, compassion, care and love, this series is supposed to reflect ‘the usual‘ which, to our eyes, seems so ‘special‘. Quotes from the subjects are intended to substitute titles whenever the images are being displayed.

About Photographer

I was born on the 12th of November 1987 in Berlin, Germany. My parents being German (mother) and Irish (father) raised me in with a multicultural conciousness and therefore awakend my passion for traveling and foreign cultures. So, after I left school in 2007 (finished with a-grades 2,4) I went discovering some parts of the world the for some time and got to know Australia and Asia pretty well. Having had this great experience I returned to Germany in 2008 and started working on a visual career. Doing graphic design and art projects. But I finally decided to grow on an intellectual level as well and started studying a the renowned Berlin University of the Arts. In 2009 I was offered to particpate in an international exchange programm and went abroad, to Valencia, Spain for a year. During this time I intensified my occupation with photography. Being basically everything I did, I aquired all my skills in this time. And these skills helped me get hold of a very interesting internship at the studio of MAGNUM photographer Steve McCurry in New York. I spend three months working with him, living in New York, Harlem. This is were I created the series I now present to the IPA. Being back in Berlin now, studying, I hope to attract some attention with these images of the life I lived there, in Harlem.