Peaceful white

PhotographerKaren Kilberger
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAnamosa, United States
Photo Date12/27/2010
Technical Infodigital
Entry Description

There where three elements that came together that early morning to create this scene. 1. There had been a fresh snow that was still undisturbed by anything. 2. An early morning fog had created a thick frost on everything. 3.The sun coming thru the fog to bath the landscape in a pinkest glow.

About Photographer

Karen is a native Iowan, who loves to show the world the beautiful landscape we have here in the Midwest. Her technology training was obtained through Kirkwood Community College and on going thru reading. She's a Graphic Designer with a love for photography. In most of Karen’s photography you will see her love for nature and the environment. In her work she loves to play with light and reflections. Karen is currently working on a new series of pictures showing how many of the old farmsteads and barns are going to ruin – the plight of the family farm. In most of her work’s she will put an artistic touch to her photography.