Landscape figures

PhotographerMichele Manzini
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCastel d'Azzano, Italy
Photo Date2009-2010
Technical Infotraditional photography
Entry Description

I create figures. Figures represent an attempt to give form that I set in contrast to the appeal of images, which are loaded with thuth and yet vanish without changing into knowledge. My figures contain polemos within them, in the sense that they take on instability, conflict and alterity without dissolving or resolving them. This logos avances, loaded with unresolved tensions. Its horizon contains infinite possible forms: it is open, like the destiny of the tragic hero facing the “many forms the divine takes on”, which are the terrible yet wonderful wealth that unfolds before the eyes of the men of modernity.

About Photographer

1967 born in VERONA, Italy Lives and works in VERONA, Italy EDUCATION I.U.A.V., Venice GRANTS 2009 Premio Terna02 (first prize) 2010 International Donkey Art Prize (finalist) 2010 EcoArtContest, Acea Art Prize (short list) RECENT SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2011 “Il celeste confine”, KN Studio, Verona 2009 “Il paesaggio interpretato”, Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Torre Strozzi, Parlesca, Perugia curated by R.Zambelli 2009 “Recent works",Salon du Vieux Colombier, Paris 2008 “Energia”, Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona curated by G.Anselmi 2008 "Paesaggi d'acqua", Ex Chiesa S.Maria Annunziata, Venice 2008 “Il celeste confine-prologo”, Spazio espositivo Libreria Gheduzzi, Verona curated by G.Anselmi RECENT SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2011 “54° Venice Biennale” 2010 “Contemporary Energy. Italian attitudes”, SUPEC Museum, Expo’ Shanghai, curated by C.Collu,G.Marziani,M.Vescovo, A.Carrer e Commissariato Generale del Governo Italiano 2010 “Energia:Umanità=Futuro:Ambiente”, Tempio di Adriano, Roma, curated by C. Collu and G.Marziani 2009 “Premio Terna02”, MAXXI, Rome, curated by C. Collu and G.Marziani 2009 “Landscape/Distance”, Smith Gallery & Museum, Stirling, Edinburg curated by B.Anderson 2009 "Linientreu und Farbenfroh", Rathaus, Stuttgart 2009 "On Landscape", Ul Foksal 2, Warsaw 2009 “Recent works",Salon du Vieux Colombier, Paris 2008 “Krajiny vod”, Italian Institute of Culture, Prague 2008 “Le celeste confin”,Salle des fetes, Mairie du V°, Paris