PhotographerEnrico Doria
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Time passes, the time changes. Time fades the images of its flow in the imperfection of the details, the details that write the memories, the memory spots. Beauty is a solitary, Loneliness expands in history, and the story is told by its own symbols: a book that collects the truth, a scale that reveals the anxiety of the removal, loss, an empty frame, which captures the 'inevitability of becoming, a candle, which always illuminates the face.

About Photographer

Enrico Doria was born in Palermo (Italy) in the 1978. He obtained the Doctorate of Research in Genetics in the 2007 at the Pavia University, where he conferred also a master degree on Biological Sciences . His artistic skill was developed from 2006, with several photographic exhibitions in Milano (2008), Gavi (2007), Trapani (2007-2008), Pavia (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), Palazzolo sull’Oglio (2008), Monte San Savino (Open Event 2008), Arles (France 2008-2009), Blainville Sur Orne (France 2009), Trieste (2009), Paris(2009). In the 2007 and in 2008, his photographic reportages were published on a on-line magazine “Witness Journal” In the 2008, his photo was chosen to represent the cover of the romance “Allunaggio di un immigrato innamorato” of the Romanian writer Mihai Mircea Butcovan. In the 2008, he collaborates with other two photographers to realization of the photographic volume “I volti della beatitudine”, about the people living in Sartirana, a small city close to Pavia, on the occasion of celebration of the beatification of Padre Pianzola who lived there. The volume presentation was performed in Pavia, Milano and in Blainville Sur Orne (France). In the August of 2008, he obtained the second prize at V Photographic National Contest “Enzo La Grua”. In December of 2008 he obtained the second and third prize, with the marking of the jury, at the First Photographic National Contest of “Ex Novo” Association. In the August of 2009, he won first prize at VI Photographic National Contest “Enzo La Grua”. In the 2010, a monographic review of his photographic work was published on a photo magazine “Potpourri” n.12 pag. 54-57 ( In the 2010, his reportage about clown-therapy was published on line from the photo agency Foto Up ( In the edition of 2010 of the Prix de la Photographie de Paris (Px3), he obtained the 3th position in People's Choice Awards ( A portfolio review was published in the important photographic magazine “POSITIVE + MAGAZINE” in the 2011 (