Flower market of Kolkata

PhotographerArnab Banerjee
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

On a busy day (either hindu festival or marriage), the old flower market of Mullick Ghat in Kolkata (India) is a fascinating mix of characters, color and drama. The city of Kolkata retains the magic of colonial past even in this fast moving days of modernization and nothing like this flower market next to the holy river of Ganges expresses that spirit.

About Photographer

Arnab Banerjee is a professional nature, travel and humanitarian photographer based in the lower Hudson Valley near New York City. Widely published and collected fine art images of Arnab Banerjee are unique and powerful as they are born out of the artist’s vision and connection with the place and the moment in time. Arnab likes to travel to distant places, hike miles of trails, explore remote areas and spend large amount of time to deeply understand and discover the true essence of a place, culture or people before making the evocative and inspiring images. His work goes beyond the “pretty” and “obvious” and attempts to touch a deeper meaning and tell a story. The ethereal light and landscapes of Hudson valley and New England area is a major inspiration of Arnab’s work. At the same time, his photographic assignments all over the world have produced a rich portfolio of images of various cultures, tradition, history, people and landscapes from interesting corners of the world. Arnab is also an avid mountaineer and climber with a couple of first ascents of Himalayan giants (over 22,000 ft) under his name. His writing and photographs have published in many national and widely circulated journals and magazines (Outdoor Photography magazine, American Alpine journals, etc.). His images are also widely used for commercial and editorial purposes (clients include The word for you, etc.) and fine art prints are collected all over the world. He is also the author of the book “50 amazing things to see and do in the New York City area” – to be published by Mountain Trail Press in 2011.