Kabale street children

Photographerpaolo patruno
PrizeHonorable Mention

Anold, 12. Moses, 14. Elisha, 15. Nestori, 16. Allan, 13. Dick, 14. Michael, 16. Joseph, 14. These are names and age of some of the guys who are now living, or rather survive in the streets of Kabale, Uganda. They are all orphans of one or both parents, abandoned to their fate, because the next of kin is not in the economic conditions to deal with them. Each with its own history, their dreams, joined by a destiny that brought them to live on the streets, sharing what little food that each has found in the garbage, sleeping close to each other, some dressed only a tshirt, when the night temperature may fall between 5 and 10 degrees. Their day begins before dawn, it's done by their wits, to even earn a few shillings with which to buy something to eat, but when this is not possible, they have to petty theft, even just for reselling stolen by scrap one of the many small stores that are in town. Some of them smoke marijuana or sniff glue, and those days are not even able to eat because their body is so altered from what little food they refuse but they would need. The street life had hardened their features, so as to make them look older than their age. There are more than 8,000 children, in Uganda, living on the streets. Their main dream is to go to school, get education.

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I am a photographer focused on humanitarian issues and social-documentary. I’m interested in documenting global topics, including health care, education, human rights, sustainable development, poverty. I’m working on my personal long term project about Maternity in Africa.