Silent witnesses in Berlin

CompanyRaffaele Tuzio
PhotographerRaffaele Tuzio
Entry Description

With its wide, open spaces, “holes” in the urban fabric that have yet to be filled after its rapid reconstruction, Berlin still seems to be an incomplete city. Symbols of memories, statues, which should be integrated with the city’s bold, modern architecture and cosmopolitan spirit, at times appear to be emerging into the open space like isolated figures: silent witnesses with nobody to tell their story to, lost souls in search of answers, rather than narrators of the past. In their separation from the rest of the city, and in light of the sporadic nature of the human movement that surrounds them, they are evocative of the rift in the history of a city that has been destroyed, divided and rebuilt time and time again.

About Photographer

Raffaele Tuzio is a photographer based in Rome. He was born in Benevento and his passion for fotography began at the end of 70th years. In 1988 he went to Rome where he was involved occasionally in travel photography. During these years he travelled all around the world. In the 90th he started a collaboration with the italian tour operator “sentieri di nuove esperienze”, a company specialised in cultural tourism. Raffaele is consultant for tours planning and he directs a long term project to increase the company image.