Entry Title: "A Hopeless Heart"
Name: Sonia Primerano , Canada
Category and Expertise: Wildlife, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Walking through the bustling market of Pucallpa, Peru, during a humanitarian trip, to my dismay I discovered monkeys in the same cages as turtles and parrots, hoping, it seemed, to be returned to their natural habitat. Finally, I came upon a Howler monkey, hanging to a branch while tied to a pole. Misery weighed down its shoulders as it held on loosely to the branch. Pure sadness emitted from its eyes, its face and its entire limp body. This photograph is a documentation of the purest form of hopeless despair.

About the Artist:

I am currently a Visual Arts student at Dawson College who will be studying Art History and Archeology in university. I have always been extremely passionate about art, music, photography and travel.