Fire on 1st Ave S/25th Ave E - Minneapolis, MN

PhotographerBryant Scannell
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCrystal, United States
Photo Date03.31.11
Entry Description

A fire, said to be electrical, took a Sober House in the Minneapolis, MN metro area on 03.31.11. The residents evacuated safely and without harm. Their house cat was lost.

About Photographer

I discovered a profound love in mid high school and have continued to develop and nurture my love for the art even more so to this day. I have aspired to the work of National Geographic photographers and have always told myself that one day I will present a portfolio, or at the least, I will have a photo published, chosen, or featured by them. It's something that has always been in my mind, though if the Geographic is not the place for me, I would be happy freelancing and traveling the world with a relative job description. My big thing now: Experience everything possible. There is to much on this globe to not be seen, and even more to be seen after we're gone. Witness the beauty while you can. I am an observer of life. I will always be documenting.