Entry Title: "He belongs in the forest"
Name: christopher belleZza , United States
Category and Expertise: Personality|Lifestyle, Student

Entry Description: So this Is a picture I took of my best friend Dan. It was completed for an outdoor lighting assignment for school, but also for my friend dan to have a Profile picture for a book he wants to write. He walked over 600 miles from Portland to Sanfransisco on his own. I really wanted to capture him in an outdoor forest environment.

About the Artist:

Hello I am a photography student, based out of chicago. I am currently attending harrington college of design in Downtown Chicago were I am working on completing my bachelors in photography. I try to enter lots of competitions, and have done fairly well but havent won any just yet. I was published in photographers forum best of 2010 and 2011 issues as a finalist. As well as CBS's capture my chicago best of chicago photography 2010 were I was one of 250 pictures chosed from 52000 submitted.