PhotographerRemo Camerota
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyWhitewall Studios
City/CountryLos ANgeles, United States
Photo Date23/04/2011
Entry Description

One month after the earth quake in North East Japan, and while driving around Kesennuma, Tohoku, Japan, I could not believe the scale of the devastation of the 9 strength earthquake and tsunami that hit the area. This used to be one of the train stations on the right and surrounding portside buildings and suburbs. It is now covered with debris and burnt out buildings. This was one of the areas that caught fire in the city. The ship is a massive, full size cargo vessel, to give you a sense of scale. And it is standing on top of a sea of burnt out cars and twisted metal. The roads have recently been made by the military so you can actually drive through it. This is just one small section of the devastation in the town, yet it spreads out as far as the eye can see.

About Photographer

Remo Camerota of Whitewall Studios has a genuine commitment to evolving the creative process. Remo works across disciplines and is committed to exploring new ways of expressing political and social views in a compelling visual style. Bringing a diverse range of skills for both new media and printed mediums, including illustration, photography, multimedia, film/video and interactive design, Remos’ work reflects an ever changing growth in art and community.