Rowing Lake

PhotographerLeonardo DeGorter
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Just finished a documentary project about myneighborhood. Rowing is the most popular sport over this area and I have been photographing all the clubs around the lake for a while now.

About Photographer

I first got into photography while I was still studying to become a biologist. Biology seemed the right choice for someone who had spent most of his childhood drawing wild animals at home, school, or anywhere I could find a piece of paper. Before I graduate I was already taking photo classes and traveling to nature reserves to find the animals that had always fascinated me. With time, I got interested in photojournalism and documentary photography, and became aware of what they could accomplish in helping an endangered species or ecosystem. Since 2012 I decided to focus my photographic work on environmental issues only. By December that year I got a Portfolio published on National Geographic Brasil magazine, which reinforced my decision to keep working on those issues.