The rest

Photographercecilia tamplenizza
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Portraits of tired people leaving their bodies in the space. Doesn't matter what's happened to get them tired, because at the time of rest, the body merges with the space and designing his landscape. The repose is necessary to continue the activities that will come after: work, fight, live...These people are women and men who takes a break. Their body needs a rest to feed themselves, even if this pause is vertical, with stiff arms.


By the photography we can look over the daily and capture the moment when all substances matches: the rest. Where silence weaves surfaces: man, objects or land. I see the material in permanent agitation; I need to fix it to better understand it. In this temporary paralysis, bodies merge with the surrounding space. Revealing to who is watching its condition, by the brands it carries, even if the rest is a vertical pause, with stiff arms, ready for the next job, something like a pause of breath. The woman we are seeing are from the Minga Indigena, is a social movement born in Colombia in 2008. It was a protest march made by 45,000 to 60,000 indigenous people and others from different ethnic groups, which covered walking about 500 km from Santander de Quilichao, and Santiago del Cauca Department of Cali in Valle del Cauca department, to arrive in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, to talk with the society, the politicians and the President Alvaro Uribe. Asking to the President a reparation of the State crime, the respect of universal rights and to demand living in truce in their lands. A Countryside where interest are more powerful than the life of the people that there live. I photographed the moment of pause before the big march in Bogotá. The man is a worker that lives in a central region of Colombia, Magdalena Medio, another area traumatized from the never ending conflict between interests, violence and needs. The way he is sleeping show us something of his life, marks of his daily life are everywhere. I'm interested in that’s marks, in highlighting them and making them even more visible through the frame or the treatment I apply. The digital process gives me the possibility to create my textures and make other surface. Another skin that comes closest to what I feel.