PhotographerBrian Sesack
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPittsburgh, United States
Photo Date2003 and 2006
Technical InfoFilm with scanned negative
Entry Description

My objective with this body of work was to convey the concept of movement by photographing structures that allowed for the flow of air, electricity, natural gas, and water.

About Photographer

The intent of my work is to provide a vehicle for my creative self-expression and the transformation from looking to seeing. As a result, I work from the inside out. I find myself moved by concepts that I cannot explain, but that I need to interpret by documenting textures and tonal qualities in an attempt to create images that bring the viewer into the subject. The majority of my work is thematic, a story being told or a concept being explained without the use of the written language. I have also discovered over time that, in addition to producing a beautiful image, it is the state of being creative that provides the joyfulness of being an artist.