Reconstruction of The-Self

PhotographerRita Hernandez
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

50% of migrant population around the world is woman. Culture shock after migration is one of the most deeper and transformational processes for “The-Self”. I used the body as the natural representation of The-Self, where parts of the body are parts of The-Self itself. They play and interact finding a place. How this “hand” will fit in this new world? Or… they are just there, waiting for the moment to play a roll. When I am going to use this foot? Or just being observed and evaluated for re-cycling or disposal. Do I really need this knee or should I exchange it for a third hand? Understanding what part of The-Self works in the new culture, making stronger other parts, or getting new ones, implies a continuous Re-construction of The-Self. This is a visual approach to portray what immigrant experience through the acculturation process.

About Photographer

Rita is an emerging artist that was born in Mexico. For more than 10 years Rita developed a career as instructional system designer and she spent all her professional life working for corporate, thus she never had time and support for producing her real passion: fine art photography; even though she graduated as graphic designer from Fine Arts School, simply life put her in another professional & career path. As her office job never gave her a long lasting satisfaction neither a feeling of fill fullness, in 2007 she decided to use some savings and went to New York City to the International Center of Photography (ICP), to acquire new digital and lightning skills and techniques. Since then she is committed to produce fine art photography and really trying to make a smooth career transition besides her full time job as a mom. Rita’s main subject is people and human body. That is why she likes to work in series because a series approach allows her to produce visual essays. Rita is currently exploring multiculturalism and immigration themes. She immigrated to Canada in 2008 and has found that this experience has been a tremendous source of inspiration for her fine art photography production.