Tulips Of Another Kind

CompanyOmer Sidat Photography
PhotographerOmer Sidat
Entry Description

Child Labor is a plague haunting the streets, markets, and workshops of many third world countries. The children photographed in this series wander the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, as Garbage Collectors during weekdays. Their Sundays are spent at the Sunday Market, where they work to carry the load for shoppers. These children are between the ages of 8 to 14 years, an age suitable for a child to play, study and live freely, none of which is true in the life of these innocent children. They are as delicate as buds of tulips, yet they are, “Tulips of Another Kind”.

About Photographer

Many years of my life have been spent in a search for "Moments Of Light", and to Capture such a moment of light, or it’s so called absence, whenever an opportunity would present itself. In my pursuit of finding and capturing light, I chose photography as my medium of expression. Throughout my years in photography, whenever I have placed my eye behind a viewfinder, or more recently, gazed at a live-view LCD on occasions, I have become assured and reassured, that there is no such thing as "Absence of Light". These “Moments Of Light” may be literal or it may even be philosophical; an event, which may trigger a series of thoughts, a happening which may change the way we look at our lives, a smile camouflaging unbearable pains underneath, chapped fingers of a child not because of play but as a result of labor, wrinkles on an elderly face telling a story long forgotten; nature and the treasures it holds for us, the clouds, the seas, the sands, the greens, the barrens, the awe-inspiring details of an insect no larger than a grain of sand, the gigantic deathly snow-covered peaks which only few are able to conquer, the actions and reactions that last a mere split of a second, and many such moments, which become a slice of history when captured and preserved as a photograph. I started photography with a Minolta 110 camera received as a gift from my Mom on my 12th birthday. Over the years, photography for me has turned into a passion and a way of expressing my point of view. I am a Professional Manager and Textile Technologist during the weekdays and an artist with a camera and lens by nights and weekends. Throughout these years, I have remained a student of Photography, learning something new every passing day and continuing to remain to be a student of this lucid form of expression. Do you see the "Light"? Look again..... You Surely Will !!