On the Evolution of Spirit, Self and Dimension

PhotographerTimothy Flood
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

On the Evolution of Sprit, Self and Dimension is a series of images that tell a story which is both narrative and autobiographical, both linear and circular. These images are an imaginative rendition of how we human beings strive to find that which is greater than ourselves, greater than what we believe we know. This sequence of scenes depicts a cycle of self reflection, inspiration and objectivity that leads to a greater understanding of oneself.


On the Evolution of Sprit, Self and Dimension is a series of work inspired by dreams, travel and a driving desire to understand more of myself as a spiritual being and my place in this universe. The series depicts an anonymous figure which is designed to facilitate easier communication between the audience and the images by being easy to relate to. This is because I feel that this story is universal and if the audience can place themselves in the image in place of the main character, they can relate to the work better. Within these images, we find the typical business driven individual who suddenly realizes the illusion of materialism and wealth; who then is inspired to look beyond the surface level created by mankind and seek out his deeper and truer self. That journey is represented in this series by the individual climbing out of the refuse of human illusion, finding a spiritual guide and removing himself from this physical world in order to better contemplate universal truth.

About Photographer

Timothy C. Flood is a Denver based visual artist who specializes in photography, sculpture and installation pieces. Flood earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Colorado Denver in 2008 with dual emphasis in Photography and Sculpture. Flood's work has been featured in local, national and international exhibitions and has been published both locally and internationally. Flood was recently awarded the 2010 Emerging Artist Award by the Flagstaff Photography Center in Arizona which hosted a sell out show of his photographs. Through his artwork, Flood strives to help bridge the gap between what we believe we know about ourselves and realizing our higher potential as individuals and as a society.