Entry Title: "Life of a Bridge"
Name: Jane Salzler-Albaugh , United States
Category and Expertise: Bridges, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Nestled in the Allegheny mountains in western Pennsylvania sits Nebraska bridge. The town of Nebraska was purchased by the government in the 1940's and destroyed to build Tionesta dam. This bridge has been under water almost as often as it is passable. It is beautiful. Today, the effects of the struggle between man and nature have closed the bridge.

About the Artist:

I have always been inspired by impressionistic painters like Monet. To be able to walk that fine line between what my brain is conditioned to see as reality, and where my soul can lead me. Although photography is not my profession, it has been a teacher. Taking photos that present more like paintings leaves, I find, the human speechless and confounded. It gives them, I hope, A reason to explore life unfocused.