Reality Rearranged

PhotographerTommy Ingberg
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryUpplands Väsby, Sweden
Photo Date2010-2011
Technical InfoComposites of several images.
Entry Description

I try to use simple compositions with few elements where each element contributes to the story in some way. I work a lot with symbolism of different kinds and try to make images open to the viewer to make their own interpretation. I think that is important.

About Photographer

Today I work predominantly with black and white, surrealistic photo montages. I do my photography in a studio as well as out in the field, and then combine the source material into images on the computer. My pictures start off with a feeling, a story, a riddle for the viewer to think about. I strive for simple, scaled back compositions with few elements, where every part adds to the story, but where there are still gaps for the viewer to fill.