The Synthetic-Memory Series

PhotographerClay Bodvin
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Synthetic-Memory Series Work 1 - Maple Valley portrait in Remade Space #4 Work 2 - Watching target practice in the Poldi Pezzoli Memory Work 3 - Reading time in the Beaux Arts Memory #1 Work 4 - A cowboy in the Phillips Collection Memory #1 Work 5 - Kanab portrait in the Saint Jean Church Memory #2


Engineered virtual moments. Retracing the usable-past to expose threads of new visual narratives. Consider the still life painting. In the late 1800s, the luxurious nature of peoplesā€™ everyday things was stylishly depicted through commonplace objects and spaces - but rendered with exotic patterns and dramatic colors. By using altered perspectives, de-constructed objects and un-real environments these paintings artfully recorded a fragmenting society. Fast forward to now - where luxury has become the virtual consumer standard. The indulgence of the self is a global activity and the spaces people occupy morph at will from one style-construct to another. The familiar objects with which we populate our lives cease to be concrete as our personal, self-contained place becomes boundless. Producing a growing dis-connect from the memories that define us. My work seeks to continue the interplay the still life image has, as a token of its type, with these cultural and historical weavings. Dis-assembled spaces, dominated by disintegrating domestic objects, create tangible but non-physical realities to visually explore. Extracted images, via selected chains-of-memory out of my usable past, are being merged with my newly created cultural recordings. Offering opportunities to re-connect with and illuminate my lived experience.

About Photographer

=== work details All images start out as VirtualWorks and involve - original, digital and scanned-film objects and patterns combined with found images and remade interiors - digital composition and assembly into master 1701pxl / 300dpi .tif-image files. Further production may entail - wallWORK: images on paper / canvas; collage / marouflage onto panels; mixedmedia handwork over - animeSTILLLIFEĀ©: stop-frame animation, soundtrack mixing, video editing. BIO - SKETCH === A product of duality and displacement - Hometown, Seattle / live and work, New Zealand. - Always artistic / no art studies until age 18. - Dale Clayton Bodvin until age 20 / Clay Bodvin after 14 months in Vietnam. - Full-time career, advertising and design - 25+ years / practicing fine artist - 40+ years. Festival screenings, online & onwall exhibitions - combined, to date - 16 solo exhibitions; 67 group exhibitions - in NZ; AU; AR; US; IT; UK.