Toadstool Hoodoo

PhotographerMark Goff
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGig Harbor, United States
Photo DateMarch 26, 2008
Technical Info1/40 sec at f.8, 17mm, iso 100
Entry Description

This hoodoo is found in a region of the Grand Staircase National Monument known as the Paria Rimrocks. The toadstool like appearance is formed by erosion when flat blocks of hard sandstone are layered on top or softer rock.

About Photographer

am a software developer, painter, and photographer. I have been pursuing photography seriously for the past 5 years. Although I still love painting, photography gets me out into the world and is compatible with my favorite pastimes of traveling and hiking. As a photographer I'm never satisfied to simply record what I see. Instead I try to convey the experience of being in a special place at a special moment. It is my hope that when others view my photographs, they feel something of what I felt when they were captured.