Photographerpatrik grijalvo millois
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrybilbao, Spain
Photo Date05/04/2011
Entry Description

From the portrait of architectural elements as facades of buildings and interiors, I search a plastic abstraction and a formal development from the photographed motive. This way, the eye of the spectator stands before the pieces of the series, forced to make a cognitive effort; apparently he is faced with a pure geometric recreation –formal-, yet, by knowing it is photography, his gaze seeks to identify a real and known space –facades, interiors, etc…- in the photographed subject. To achieve this, the strategy used is the fragmentation of the photographed element, which from the part, the whole must be (re)built. As Roland Fischer claims, “[…] when fragmenting the building’s skin, architecture becomes geometry, shapes, referring to the urbanism of a stereotyped but however spectacular society.

About Photographer

Patrik Grijalvo Millois (Born in Bilbao in 1984)studied photogrphy at the faculty of fine art of.,Bilbao, Bizkaia Spain.He has worked as a freelance in documentary and contemporary photography. From 2004 until 2007 he worked in differents documentary projects in india(2004) ,moroco(2005) South África(2006) Laos(2007) .He also worked with mutimedia and videoart and he made some exibitions (BBVA bank in Bilbao, Gernika , Mundaka and Athens).In 2008 he started in Athens School of Fine Art. Now he works in a contemporary photography of minimal architecture (blindness)