PhotographerTomasz Fularski
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryJedlicze B, Poland
Photo Date2008
Entry Description

"In concrete we trust" is a series devoted to relationships between contemporary man and the surrounding environment. The series consists of opening photograph called "In concrete we trust" and photographs - allegory of fears and complex of a deprived man of contact with nature. Like every unfamiliar surroundings, the nature becomes mystical and mysterious.

About Photographer

I was born in 1957 in Poland. Majority of my professional life has been devoted to big media corporation, managing IT departments all over the country. In 2007, I have resigned from my position to dedicate myself to photography. Thus, I have begun my artistic activities relatively late. Since 2007 I am studying on Film and Photography Department in Higher School of Art and Design in Lodz, Poland. I am teaching techniques and technologies of digital photography in International Photography Forum "Kwadrat" in Wroclaw and in Higher School of Art and Design in Lodz, Poland. All of my works are results of decades of life experience and self-observations in a very fast changing modern world. I am formatting series consisting of a few or dozen or so pictures, which are results of profound considerations regarding different aspects of humanity such as: old age, loneliness, alienation, seeking of own values, struggle for autonomy, etc. Characteristic feature of my work is creation of each project, as an entire process of often complicated and time-consuming activities. Such processes involve choice of means of expression, through designing and carrying out staged pictures, works’ preparation using different techniques, to always handmade and framed each of my work.