The Waiting Game

PhotographerSunil Shah
Entry Description

A soldier returns home... The impact of war on human lives is witnessed here through images which focus on aspects of human relationships and the surroundings which we consider as home. These are charged emotionally and made personal by shared dialogue appropriated from the subject’s Facebook status updates. The approach for this work is to draw attention away from the theatre of conflict towards the individual experience; highlighting the interrelations between escape, separation, (re)union and belonging. Hopefully, in doing this, experience becomes acute and perhaps more grounded, in high contrast to the media sensationalism that is often quickly seen and forgotten.

About Photographer

Sunil Shah is a Photographer and Filmmaker who lives and works in Oxford, England. His work concentrates on socio-political photographic projects. His most current projects are situated within contemporary discourses of documentary photography. He aims to find new strategies of approach and collaboration and new places of dissemination that provide accessible, ethical and meaningful representation. He is currently an undergraduate at the University of Westminster, London, studying for a BA degree in Photography.