Implicit Movement

PhotographerAnton Gorbachev
Entry Description

While making pictures in abandoned areas of the city, I am trying to hide myself away from the city noise, to escape from the concrete jungle. Once, while wandering around “listening to my eyes”, I managed to notice the internal movements and changeability in nature. Later on, I paid attention to the interaction between things left or thrown away by people — traces of human activity — and bushes, trees, grass, water…

About Photographer

Anton Gorbachev Born in Moscow in 1978. Lives and works in Moscow. Independent photographer. Member of the Photounion of Russia. Works are kept in various public and private collections, by such institutions as: Alinari National Museum of Photography, Florence; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Milan; Urban Photography Archive, Venice (AFU). Photography awards and honorable mentions: International Photography Awards 2008, 2011 B&W Single Image Contest 2011 Daily Life. 24 Hours 2011 Masters Cup 2011 Black&White Spider Awards 2010