Between the lines

PhotographerAjith Gopinathan
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAG Studio
City/CountryDubai , United Arab Emirates
Photo Date18/04/2010
Technical InfoNikon D90 with 18-200 lens
Entry Description

This will be one album I am very proud to present as well as very apprehensive. I have been a great admirer of the architect who builds his museum. While walking around and taking pictures at the limited time I had at my disposal, I was very afraid of what the outcome will be: What message I will give out: It took me a while to present this, took me a while to gather enough courage to present it to you. This work has been documented and photographed by many eminent photographers. The kind of energy levels I could feel when I was in this museum was phenomenal. The architect has done a fabulous job of convoying the message he was given. The architect Daniel Libeskind called his design for the Jewish Museum Berlin “Between the Lines”. The floor plan is shaped like a zigzag line and is intersected by a straight line. Empty spaces called voids extended the height of the building at the interface. The zinc-clad façade is covered by diagonal slashes – the window openings. Three paths cross on the lower level: the Axis of exile, the Axis of the Holocaust, and the Axis of Continuity, which leads to the museum’s upper stories. Daniel Libeskind says: “What is important is the experience you get from it. The interpretation is open.”