CompanyAaron McPolin Photography
PhotographerAaron McPolin
Entry Description

Seduction series ‘Seduction’ is the last of my Univeristy projects. I based on the exploration of the female act of seduction; showing forms of which appeal to a males need to be seduced by female figures of domination, submission and also fetish fantasies. The concept was to show an essence and an ideal of what it is to be dominant, submissive and kinky, by focusing on keyaspects of the designs, and visual cues of which make each category really excel. Domination/ Matriarch – Seduction through authority is the act of being seduced by an overpowering dominant female figure, of which portrays fierce and fiery stature and an overwhelming presence. Fetish Fantasy/ Taboo - Fetish Fantasies appeal through the erotic desires, naughtiness and unimaginable situations. She extends and fulfils the kinky passions that lead to adventurous explorations of the hunger for taboo wants and needs. Acquiescence – Submissive acts are dreamy and elegant, of which present oneself as a submissive figure at will to their dominant master. She is alluring, beautiful and seduces her subject through illusive acquiescent manners.

About Photographer

I was fortunate enough to discover my interest in photography when I was eighteen, whilst studying design and advertising at university. Ever since, I have been defining my own style, refining my skills and exploring my understanding from the old masters to the new. At nineteen, I started my own photography business and soon found myself shooting for high fashion clients, coiffure artists and editorials throughout WA. My eagerness to grow as an artist heralded me to travel to New York and back home to the UK, further developing my skills and understanding, making connections with unique and inspiring people. Whatever be my subject, I like to create an essential narrative or personal connection, whether it is for my personal work, commercial campaigns or editorial projects. In 2013, I made the choice to become a full time photographer, specializing in the field of fashion, beauty and commercial works. I currently reside in Perth, WA. With aims to work nationally and internationally