PhotographerMarissa Katarina Bergmann
Entry Description

Morihei Ueshiba held the belief that each person contains an entire universe. Through my experience interacting with people all over the world, I have interpreted this to discover that our freckles and moles point to uncharted constellations and hidden galaxies. These photographs are a meditation on inner and outer space, as well as an adventure into the infinite realm of human existence within this mysterious, ever-expanding universe.

About Photographer

Marissa Katarina Bergmann is an emerging photographer, filmmaker, and visual artist with a passion for experimental photographic processes and the power of visual expression. She graduated from Duke University in 2011, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Media Studies, Documentary Studies, and Photography. She has exhibited her photographs and films at various galleries in North Carolina including the Louise Brown Gallery, Perkins Library, and Kenan Institute for Ethics, and is currently part of a 3-month exhibition at the world-renowned Center for Documentary Studies. Her photographs have been published in a number of campus publications and online journals and she has received awards for both her still and moving images. In the fall of 2009, she attended Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy to study painting, darkroom photography, and bookmaking. She received a Benenson Award in the Arts to return in the summer of 2010 to study advanced darkroom photography with Romeo di Loreto. In her time abroad, she also participated in two group exhibitions at the Palazzo dei Cartelloni. For three years, she has facilitated the teaching efforts of Literacy Through Photography: a project that encourages children to explore their individuality by photographing and writing about their own lives. This experience has given her the opportunity to work with students of all ages in the United States and Arusha, Tanzania. Born and raised in a small desert valley in Southern California, she learned to appreciate quiet mountains and the peaceful night sky. She currently lives in Durham, NC and has been working on a 14-month-long photographic series titled “We Are All Made of Stardust.” Her work is inspired by the infinite nature of time, space, and the universe we live in.