CompanyKatarina Fagerstrom Levring
PhotographerKatarina Fagerstrom Levring
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This series is called Budding, depicting the sensual aspect of a Tulip. The series is part of a project called Freudian Flowers.


As a photographer specialized in flowers you can not ignore the sensual part of their beings. Therefore I decided to explore the sensuality "aspect" as an ogoing theme for my favorite flowers the Tulip, the Papaver, The Calla and the Day Lily. This project grew from a need to understand my own history of growing from a shy and introverted girl, not recognising her self as a young and talented woman, to maturing in being a woman as well as an flourishing artist. The Tulip is the first one out in this on-going project called Freudian Flowers. This one grows in my own garden. I work in my studio with a handheld camera, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Lensbaby Composer without aperture disk, and with macro filters. I use light and a slight bit of motion to enhance the sensuality of the flower. I do NOT use any post-processing, it`s all in-camera work.

About Photographer

Biography I was born 1965 in Uddevalla a small town on the west-coast of Sweden. Art has been an interest since childhood but it never seemed to be able to become other than a hobby until I reached adulthood and life took another turn with difficult health issues. My work reflects on my history of personal struggles with health issues over more than two decades. I am a self-taught photographer. Photography has been a great interest since my teens, but my style has evolved mostly through studying water media artists such as Virginia Cobb, Barbra Nechis and Ewa Karpinska, as well as using that medium myself during the past ten years. Georgia O´Keeffe has also been of great inspiration to me for many years as well as the Impressionistic movement. I work mainly with the Canon D 50 or lately with the 7D and the Lensbaby with macro lenses. My ongoing project, “Reflections of Hope” depicts different levels of abstractions of the flower, the Iris. This flower is a strong symbol of hope…thus the name of this project. My style is a “painting-like” kind of photography, where I emphasize mood rather than recording objectively what is in front of me, much like in pictorialism or photo impressionism. I still think like a watercolorist and experiment with lighting and movement till I find that special feeling in the image. Abstraction is otherwise my main interest. I find the challenge in abstraction to be a rewarding exercise for my imagination. I always strive to create authentic works of art, true to my own vision. My work gained International recognition in December 2009 in an online juried show at Upstream People Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Recently I am being exhibited in an online exhibition at Still Point Art Gallery called Still Point II, running through april 7 – june 8. 2