Happy Face

PhotographerJonathan Griffiths
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMrShutterbug Wildlife Photography
City/CountryEgham, United Kingdom
Photo Date13.12.2010
Technical InfoSony Alpha 900 , F14 1/200
Entry Description

A chameleon caught smiling for the camera

About Photographer

My Father first introduced me to photography at a very young age. He took several nature photographs, printed them and displayed them on my bedroom wall and taught me to appreciate what Mother Nature and what the world has to offer… It was only later when given a Digital SLR for my 31st birthday in 2008 that my interest reignited in photography. Since then I have been inspired by the technical and creative possibilities that photography offers. I have been exploring and photographing nature, landscapes, buildings, architecture and people. Hiking through forests and cities; lugging camera gear through rain, mud and snow; seeking out that special shot that reveals the hidden beauty in each object.