The Hat

PhotographerLaszlo Köszeghy
PrizeHonorable Mention
About Photographer

Laszlo Koeszeghy is a passionated photographer from Austria. Photography became part of his life in 2008, when he was 34. Over the years, Portraits, Weddings and Travel became his favorite categories. Been asked why he likes to be a photographer, he answered:"There are so many reasons to make photographs. Looking through a viewfinder changed the way I perceive the world around me. I see light and darkness, beauty and ugliness, joy and pain where i saw virtually nothing before. The moment, when you make people smiling and really emotional with your photos is unpayable. Capturing the "right" moment and saving it for a lifetime or longer is wonderful. At least I would do it just for the fun playing around with time, light and colors." Laszlo married his wife in 1995 and they live in the capitol of Austria, the beautiful city of Vienna.