Before Tomorrow Comes

CompanyScene East, LTD.
PhotographerBob Demchuk
Entry Description

"Before Tomorrow Comes,” is a series of photographic essays which focus on threatened culture and environment of indigenous people around the world. This photographic essay is of the Pokot People of Kenya. I am in the process of capturing the moment before the inevitable changes occurs to their society. They lived in the border region of Kenya and Uganda. They no longer wear the beautiful iron coils on their necks and wrists. Instead men are already wearing fabric instead of traditional animal’s skins for clothing and watches instead of traditional jewelry The Pokot living near the edges of their settlements have also been influenced by their neighbors regarding their dress and cultural traditions. History has not been kind to the Pokot in recent years, and their lifestyle has been challenged by economic disasters, land scarcity and political pressures

About Photographer

I paint with light and color to create images that are a mixture of wildlife, lyricism and portraiture.”