Uncharted Voyages of the Sublime

PhotographerLeslie Hall Brown
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAsh Grove, United States
Photo Date2011
Technical Info The images are a combination
Entry Description

The black and white digitally created images lean toward primal, ambiguous, half told stories, which spring from the makings of confused dreams and subconscious stirrings. I am after an otherworldly aura, in a time wrapping, ageless image that feels as if it could have been drawn from an archetypal memory-bank.

About Photographer

Leslie Hall Brown is a fine art photographer and psychotherapist from the USA. She grew up surrounded by a rich American Indian culture filled with enchantment in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, which is known as the capital of the Cherokee Indian Nation. She currently lives in Missouri on a small farm surrounded by wildlife. Leslie received the "Prix de la Photographie, Paris" (Px3) 2016 Best New Talent Award and first place from the 2015 (IPA) International Photography Awards in the category of Fine Arts, Self Publish Book. In 2014 she was endowed with the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, was a finalist for the 2014 Clarence John Laughlin Award, and received gold, silver, and bronze medals in the 2014 "Prix de la Photographie, Paris" (Px3). Her work has been published in print magazines and in various online photography magazines. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, in the US, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Georgia, England and France.