CompanyDenis Buchan Photography
PhotographerDenis Buchan
PrizeHonorable Mention
About Photographer

I am a Canadian photographer living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Though a non-professional in the sense that I don't earn my living from photography, it is definitely the primary occupation of my daily life. I do not currently have gallery representation, but hope to have achieved that happy state by year's end. I grew up in Vancouver, B.C. (Canada), and received a degree in Literature from the University of British Columbia. I am an artist who has worked in a number of mediums but who now works only in photography. My photographic styles are always evolving as I try to push the envelope of what is creatively possible and interesting. While B&W is always appealing, I have definitely turned towards the very rich possibilities of color in my most recent work. I take my inspiration variously from the early practitioners of photography to the Impressionist painters, through to the Abstract Expressionists, such as Pollock and De Kooning. And a simple walk in the country or along a beach will usually restore and inspire me as well. I believe very strongly in photography as a serious art form, and work diligently to achieve a high level of quality and originality in my work.