The love for Newton

PhotographerRomy Rodiek
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVienna, Austria
Photo DateOctober, 2010
Technical InfoHasselblad 503Cx, 80mm Lens
Entry Description

As part of a photography course, we were asked to rebuild a scene of a photograph of a photographer we admire. Browsing through Helmut Newton's photographies, I got stuck with a portrait of Faye Dunaway, which I attempted to re-do - with what I had.

About Photographer

Born in Germany in 1975, I was raised in Germany and Austria. Since I am 16 years of age I have lived in several countries. A fact that nurtured my appetite for travelling and discovering. In the meantime I have been to every continent and very much enjoy nature in the remote parts of this world. Photography became a favourite hobby about 10 years ago.