Lady Liberty Soul

CompanyECO Photography
PhotographerEileen Corcoran-Olsen
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Sunsets across the NY Harbor can be inspiring to all who believe in the passion of this vision. This gift to the United Stated helped all who entered our country believe that their dream could come true.

About Photographer

Since I was a child of a hobbyist who loved gadgets I grew up around cameras. In my teens I was inspired by the beauty I saw around me and tries to capture those special moments on film. I dabbled in many arts over the years, painting, watercolor, stained glass design and Landscaped garden designs. Over the years I lost interest with creating images on film and recently have rediscovered my passion for Photography. As I have given in to this passion I hope to instill in all who view my images the magic and thrill of photography as an art.