Entry Title: "The Great Civilization"
Name: Mir Kian Roshannia , Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Category and Expertise: Photo Essay and Feature Story|Portrait|Culture, Non-Professional

Entry Description: The images combination of some of the most celebrated Iranian traditional dressing and elements that belongs to ancient Persia that shows the eternity of this great culture Image 1-Persian Lady in Gilani Dress (Right) – Atossa Queen (Left) Image 2-Persian Lady in Kurdish Traditional Dress (Left) -Jiroft Eagle Game Board (Right) Image 3-Persian Lady in Gilani Dress (Right) - Parthian Figurative Woman (Left) Image 4-Persian Lady in Kurdish Dress Carrying Atussa Head (Right) -Statuette of a goddess stucco (Left) Image 5-Persian Lady in Kurdish Dress-Paisley

About the Artist:

I was born and raised in Tehran, (I live In Tehran & Toronto), Graduate from Dentistry and work as a Dentist, interested in Digital Photography from 2004 and this encouraged me to learn more about this Art. I’ve studied at "Tehran Fine Art University" Faculty of photography as a freelance student for 1 year and work as Freelance photographer with interest in Fine Art photography. I was fortune enough to visit some important contemporary Art Galleries in different part of the word such as Paris ,Toronto , Vancouver, New Delhi , …These different experiences makes me more interested in fine art photography and creating conceptual and surreal images . I’ve recently been making images combination of Forms, Including Human and Elements such as sculptures paper works and … to make my idea more impressive.