Not In YOur Face#3

PhotographerSusan A. Barnett
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo Date2010
Technical Info35 mm. Ektar 100, C-Prints
Entry Description

From the series "Not In Your Face" a typology of the American tattoo and t-shirt culture. The first image "Army" was taken of an off-duty Army captain on holiday in New York with his fiance. When I commented on his alert posture he saluted and said "That's the Army, mame." The third image is of "Dice", his street name but he later told me his given name was Andrew. He considered himself an "urban warrior" doing battle on Fifth Avenue selling his first rap CD he had just finished because he made enough money to rent studio time. He never asked directly for money but for "donations" to the cause, "Me", as he said. He asked if he could use the picture on his next cover and if I'd take a picture of his face. I declined. He wanted me to have the CD without a "donation" and gave me his number to call and tell him what I thought of it. I tried but never managed to connect with him. The young man with his son had on a t-shirt with the message "Hard Times Hard Luck". When I asked him about it he said his baby mama gave it to him for his 21st Birthday and it was his dress up shirt. He said the message was "pretty much true" but he was doing " OK", better than his brother" who he was trying to reach on his cell. He told me he was "real happy" I asked him to pose because he had been watching me for awhile and they both wondered what I was up to. He took his time getting ready making sure his son's socks were folded right. He didn't ask for a copy of his picture but did ask for my card, shook my hand and said "Good Luck on your project!". I hope you get it done...