PhotographerKirsten Palmer
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVancouver, Canada
Photo DateJuly 2009
Technical InfoCanon AE-1
Entry Description

Paris's bustling Bastille.

About Photographer

I am inspired by anything and everything. I don’t look at taking photos as a way to connect with the world or others. I take photos because I like the way our everyday world can be manipulated through the lens. Seeing the unusual through the usual. I always have ideas in the back of my mind for further photography experiments. After years of odd jobs and a fledging retail career I recently entered the world of funeral directing and embalming. I thoroughly enjoy this line of work and feel honored when I provide the best care and understanding to the emotional needs of the families I come in contact with. As for embalming, I have always been interested in the human body and feel as though I am a bit of a mad-scientist when it comes to preserving, sanitizing and restoring the deceasedI have always been an avid traveler who loves to see and experience the world. I am also a part time writer who constantly has plot lines and story concepts running through her twisted mind. I come from an artist’s family, as my brother and father are both amazing painters. I am recently new to taking photos and have only really begun to get serious about this artistic process in the last nine months. I understand that taking an outstanding photo can take years of practice and study, although sometimes it can be the result of a beautiful accident. I have a lot to learn and I am willing to take advice or criticism so that I may improve to become a better photographer every time I pick up a camera. I wouldn’t say any photographer or artist influences me in particular. I know who I like and who I don’t consider. But even those I don’t consider deserve a place in the art world. Jackson Pollack and the chaos of his canvases is someone I am drawn to. It doesn’t matter to me if someone is a world famous artist or only had one great piece and never produced again. If it appeals and impresses me, then that is all I care about.