Vestibule edifice - Dowlat Abad Garden

PhotographerBehzad Ghaffarian
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMashhad, Iran
Photo Date12/31/2010
Entry Description

It's one of the famous Persian gardens, which has designed and built in Mohammad Taghi Khan time (the Zand period), Vestibule edifice and wind catcher form the most interesting construction of this complex, in which the combination of air and water flows has done in a very beautiful shape. With the height of 33m, wind catcher of Dolat Abad garden is the engineering masterpiece and genius indicator of Yazd architects.

About Photographer

I am a product designer and an amateur photographer. I used to take photo with DSLR, but since 4 years ago, I only use my iPhone to take and edit photos. I love the limitation of mobile photography which lead me to be more creative. what make me more enthusiastic is that seeing the world through the viewfinder helps me to see beautiful things that we've forgotten in daily life.