Entry Title: "Drawing with Light"
Name: David Salvatori , Italy
Category and Expertise: Underwater, Non-Professional

Entry Description: UW Backlighting experiments, this technique is fascinating me because it lets you play with the effects of light much like one of my famous painter, Caravaggio (the famous Sixteenth century’s Italian artist), did with his "chiaroscuro". In this case I was able to darken the shadows and transfix the subjects in a blinding shaft of light

About the Artist:

I was born in Latina, a city near Rome, on January 23rd 1970, I have a university degree in Physics. Photography is the most suitable way to communicate a new phase of my life, where I feel myself as a small part of a whole which is constantly changing but at the same time in constant equilibrium: I report my feelings through the shutter, documenting the various expressions of this equilibrium in different places and through different cultures.